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Boudoir is for EVERY woman. Do it for yourself. Embrace your femininity.

CONTACT Photography by Alyssa Michelle to book your session

Rachel Johnson - Hi, I’m interested in finding out what your rates are. My husband is currently deployed and dying to receive pics 😉

Alyssa - I’m sending you an email right now, love! <3

Shelly - How far in advance do you book and what are your rates? This is to die for, would live to do this when in California in 6 months time.

Alyssa - I’m sending you an email love! <3

Emily Magers - Hey! I know you are coming to MI eventually for a workshop (I am in IL), was wondering if you could send me your info on boudoir if you do that while traveling! If not no biggie, just curious! 🙂 Thanks Love! Em

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