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“Alyssa, do you only photograph models? Or do you photograph ‘real women’ too?” | Boudoir Photographer in Orange County, California

First of all – I get this specific question more times than I’ve ever had someone tell me stop eating all of the chocolate chip eggs waffles. And trust me, I couldn’t tell you how many eggs waffles I’ve consumed demolished in my lifetime!

I’ve never understood why ‘real women’ and ‘model’ were so different and can’t be formed to make one phrase.


All of my clients are real women models. My clients gave me permission to share the shit out of their photographs because they feel proud, sexy, sensual, beautiful, and most importantly confident.

My clients walk in a real woman, and they graduate to real women models once they leave their sessions. Why? Because they now feel empowered, like a model.

I’m completely flattered when someone mistakes a session for a modeling gig – but my clients are so much more than that, they are Doctors, Attorneys, Sex Therapists, Speech Therapists, moms, a woman who don’t need no man, Bakers, Business owners, Athletes, and overall – HUMAN.

If the result is that they end up feeling like they could have a solid career change to Supermodel, then great! The goal, however, is for my clients and you, to see their own beauty in a way that they never have, or thought possible.






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