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Five things I want you to know about your boudoir session | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

We are all different. I hear so many varying stories from clients, unique angles, and so many contrasting walks in life.

I receive emails every single day with questions, and concerns. I want to let you know what I expect and what you can expect from your boudoir session with me!

1. It is absolutely 100% good to be nervous.

    Why? Because that means you are human. You are doing something out of your comfort zone. You are living your life. I understand that this is an experience of a lifetime, and you may not be sure what to expect when you walk through my studio doors, but I promise you that you won’t regret taking the leap of faith. This is where the most fun and self-acceptance comes out. Embrace it.


2. No, I can’t / won’t photoshop you.

    I base my business on the truth that every woman is beautiful in her own skin. How contradicting would I be if I just edited out your attributes that make you, you. Every curve, every scar, every dimple, every stretch mark…. they are yours. They are what make you unique, and to me, they are what make you beautiful. Whoever thought to call them “flaws” should be shot in the face. Multiple times.

3. I am not judging your body.

        Believe it or not, I’m not even really “looking” at your body. My job is to master posing, lighting, emotion, and how to highlight you. Yes, I see you, but I’m not picking you apart.


4. Even if you say it’s for him, it’s mostly for you, and that’s okay.

          I get many clients who book a shoot because their fiancé, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc would like it. That’s great, and they are going to love it! But let’s be honest, you may not know it yet, but the experience is for YOU to have. It’s a day to be pampered, have a YOU day, feel beautiful and realize your beauty. You deserve this gift as much as they do.


5. There is no “prerequisite” for your boudoir session.

            Society has made it very difficult for women to realize their true beauty. We are brainwashed into believing we need to be a size 00 in order to fit into the mold. BULLSHIT. YOU are BEAUTIFUL. Just how you are. I trust this with ever ounce of my being, you can ask any of my past clients, they KNOW this. I celebrate all women all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, backgrounds, walks in life, and age. Don’t you dare for a second think you are not boudoir material. There is no such thing. Every woman is boudoir material.



Inspired \ credit goes to Jen Rozenbaum’s amazing blog post on 10 things boudoir photographers want you to know!


Roger Branker - That… was beautiful!

Stephanie Arteaga - Loved reading this! Embrace yourself❤️ because there will only be one you!

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