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My shoot, yes I did one too! | Orange county Boudoir Photographer

I have always been a “bigger” girl. So what? I’m sexy as hell! I know it, you know it, and for the people that don’t agree, that’s fine, because I know that we are all different and have different preferences and ideals on what is beautiful. Am I mad or hurt by it? Absolutely not. I could care less.


I wanted to do a session to show you all that I did one too, I KNOW the nerves you are feeling, I know the doubts you are having, and I can sympathize with it. I’m here to tell you that your fears are in your head and I promise you that you are going to love your experience, and see yourself in a whole new light.
Brittanee Taylor did such an incredible job on my shoot, and I’m so happy and grateful for her capturing my playful and sexy self! 😉




Purely Taken. Photography by Lauren Southwell - Wow! Just gorgeous! You totally rocked it!!

Erin - Thank you for sharing! Gorgeous!

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