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Lingerie Guide | What are my lingerie choices? | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

There are so many different types of lingerie, clothing, colors, types of bras in a women’s closet. How the heck are we supposed to know what fits us JUST right for our body types? We all different, right? It seems impossible! Well I’m here to make your life 10x easier… I’ve created this beautiful lingerie guide for my clients to dress to flatter their body type!


Bra & Panty sets

I think every single one of us can rock a beautiful bra & panty set, trust me. But there are DIFFERENT types of bras that will flatter your shape more than another!

1. The Push up bra

Push-up bras do just that – push up those breasts! This will increase the size of the breasts and give the appearance of more cleavage. It absolutely works well for certain poses, but other poses make it unflattering. Why? Because we are all about proportion. Push up bras tend to be too tight in order to push the girls up, resulting in other things being squeezed that just isn’t flattering! BUT If we pose you correctly, which I know I can, it adds curves in the most beautiful places without squeezing!

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2. Demi-cup Bra

This supportive bra style covers only the bottom portion (usually about half) of the breast and offers more cleavage. I definitely prefer these to push-up bras, since you get amazing support and lift while working with what you have naturally. That makes your breasts and proportions much more natural looking.

One thing to be careful with this bra style is nipples being exposed. Since the cup of the bra is not a full coverage cup (only covers part of the breast), your nipples may be partially exposed. (Which truly I have no problem with, I think it’s very sexy if a little nipple is showing!)

Another note: Proper bra size is of the utmost importantance with this style. Make sure the girls fit properly into the cups and are flattered.

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3. The Underwire Bra – 

Great for women of any breast size, it is a supportive bra with a wire sewn into the bottom portion of the cups for added support.


4. The Strapless Bra – 

A bra without the straps. Definitely works well with smaller-chested women! But for someone like me who’s chesty it doesn’t have any support and sags our girls!


5. T-shirt Bras – 

These bras are typically made with a smoother exterior and minimal embellishment that allows for a smooth appearance under T-shirts or clinging clothing. I like these much better than bralettes!


6. Bralettes – 

These do NOTHING for your girls. You see no cleavage, not sex appeal, nothing. It’s comfortable, yes, but definitely not the most flattering!


1. Bikini’s –  

A bikini is a type of panty that sits on the hip and fully covers the front and rear. They are good for clients who are concerned about coverage!

2. Thong. G-string. –

You know … dental floss. 😉 A thong has minimal fabric in the back. A G-string has even less. Women wear them to avoid VPL (Visible Panty Lines) under clothes! Thick thongs do wonders for women’s booty’s! They are flattering, sexy, and makes for some AMAZING booty shots! G-strings are less flattering, it’s a strange thing to photograph the crack and the string fight for visibility!


3. Cheeky Panty/ booty shorts

A popular, trendy style of panty is the cheeky, which shows the bottom of your booty. It offers more coverage than a thong but less coverage than a bikini style. It’s by far the most popular option in my studio and makes for killer booty shots! Even though it is much more coverage than a thong or g-string, this is a great example of how more coverage is often sexier. Leaving a little to the imagination isn’t always a bad thing. 😉


4. Boyshorts

Boy shorts are designed to sit on the waist and are similar to shorts. If done right, they can be playful and sexy. Don’t expect to get great booty shots with these. They work well with women who want to do something more conservative!


Corsets & Bustiers 

Corsets and bustiers are amazing lingerie options for every woman. They are similar but different. Do you know the difference?

Here it is in a nutshell: Corsets will “cinch,” (the waist) and a bustier will “boost” (the breasts).

1. Corset –

The most popular style of corset is an Overbust corset.

The best corsets are made with steel boning, which is strong enough to take inches off a woman’s waistline, reshaping their figure. The more well-made a corset is, the curvier her hourglass shape will look.


2. Bustiers –  

They always have a built-in bra. They’re typically shorter than a corset, ending just above or right at the waistline. They’re not meant to cover the hips.

Bustiers usually feel less confining to wear than corsets, since they don’t usually have the same hard boning and cinching effect. They usually contain stretch panels and soft plastic boning.


3. Hybrid Styles – 

The differences between bustiers and corsets aren’t always so clear these days. Many types of lingerie are a combination of both styles.

A hybrid style of the two looks like a lace-up corset, but the way it’s made is more like a bustier. (It has cups for the breasts) It won’t deliver the waist-cinching ability of a “true” corset but it’s still stylish and very flattering. These are also a lot less expensive than traditional corsets.


Bodysuit / Teddy

A teddy is a garment that covers the torso and crotch in one garment. It is a similar style of garment to a one-piece swimsuit or bodysuit but is typically more sheer and definitely sexier.

Bodysuits are my absolute favorite. They are interesting, complex, flattering, and most of all sexy!

It flatters so many women and are available in so many different styles!


Shape Wear 

Shape wear is a type of tight fitting underwear intended to control and shape your figure. I think they are evil for the most part, and really ugly as well!

There is a very select few places that you can find cute shape wear, but they are definitely hidden gems!


Boudoir is NOT about lingerie. Boudoir is about the woman, expressing your inner self, finding your sexuality, and connecting with your body and yourself. Boudoir can be anything you want it to be wardrobe wise. If you are more comfortable in jeans and a bra, or even a sweater and panties, then who are they to say nay?



Garter Belts

A Garter Belt is a belt worn around the waist or hips with attached garters or fasteners to hold up stockings. Sometimes Garters are built into lingerie so a belt isn’t needed.

The stockings they hold up are called Thigh Highs (because they pull up to the thigh). There are two different types of thigh highs. Some have a rubber material on the inside to help them stay up. This is REALLY important to know. If the stockings have the rubber inside they are NOT meant for garters. They are meant to be worn without them. The rubber allows them to stay up on their own. If you try to pair these stocking with garters, they are very hard to attach because of the thickness of them. Stockings without the rubber are much more desirable for garters. The stockings with the rubber also tend
to be tight on the thighs. This is not flattering for most women – especially if this is an area they are concerned about.

Stockings without
the rubber lay gently on a woman’s thigh, preventing any squishing of the thigh and allowing them to attach to the garter much easier.




A babydoll is a short, sleeveless, loose-fitting nightgown. It sometimes has formed cups called a bralette for cleavage with an attached, loose- fitting skirt falling, in length, usually between the upper thigh and
the belly button. Sometimes, it is made of sheer or translucent fabric like nylon or chiffon or silk.

I am not the biggest fan of babydoll, as it normally creates bulk and not in a good way. Sheer babydoll are okay because we can see your body!




The most important accessory.
SHOES. Do NOT forget the higher the heel the better!
Heels add length, proper posture, and create interest in poses and in the camera!

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