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Five things that you probably don’t know about me | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

There is not much that the world doesn’t know about me, since I’m truly an open book and express myself through allowing people to know me whole-heartedly.

BUT I think that there are a few things I can come up with that you may actually not know! πŸ˜‰


  1. Fall is my absolutely favorite season. I really hate warm weather, I love when it’s cold, and I love to just snuggle and watch a movie with my boyfriend Killian. Halloween is my favorite holiday (it’s got to be! I was born two days after!) I love horror movies, hot chocolate, and boots. But most of all, I love that it brings love, family, and togetherness.
  2. I have one younger sister, Amy. She is my best friend, my biggest supporter, and snuggler on Christmas Eve, and my go to girl πŸ˜‰ She is an amazing artist, chef, and anime watcher/ game player! She is going to do great things in her lifetime, and I can’t wait to just sit back and watch her shine.
  3. I absolutely HATE the rain. I’m like a cat, and it’s horrible. I hate gloomy days, they make me sad and depressed, I need sunshine in my life!
  4. I’m in LOVE with my Keurig Columbian coffee, I drink at least 3 cups in the morning!
  5. I recently started my workout journey, and my biggest downfall is by far food. But I’m getting there!

It was really hard to come up with 5 things you may not have known about me, but one other thing, which is blatantly obvious it that I LOVE my job. I love making women see their true beauty, and I get asked all of the time what I do outside of work… the answer? I’m always working. My boyfriend like to tease me saying that even in bed at night, falling asleep, I’m thinking about how to improve my business, and that’s probably why I ever sleep through the night! <3





Amanda - You are the cutest! I love fall and winter wardrobes! And now I’m going to make hot chocolate in my Keurig before I start homework. Haha. You made it sound really good!
P.S. Yay for your awesome relationship with your sister! If she’s anything like you, she’ll kick ass in life for sure!

Paige - Alyssa, this is so cute. I love getting to know who you are. You seem like such an amazing person and friend, and you are so inspirational with your work and SUPER talented. I cannot wait to get a shoot with you one day.

ChrystIna Tenney - I loved those things. There’s nothing like learning new things about a person you’re about to meet! I know what it’s like to struggle with nutrition, I’m a fitness coach and deal with that all the time. If you ever need advice I’m always here!!
I love how close you are with your sister, and I have to say I HATE horror movies but also LOVE fall…after all I got married in fall and had a baby in fall! πŸ™‚

Sarah - Love this post! I also love the fact that you are SO real! Thanks for being so open and inviting to all of us wanting to learn! ☺️

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