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Behind the Scene’s of a boudoir session with Alyssa Michelle | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

Many clients are nervous about their boudoir experience. Many email me saying that they are surprised they even build the courage up to email!

They don’t know what to expect, so it’s completely understandable!

I take pride in posting as many behind the scenes photographs, as well as videos to show my clients that it’s a casual and comfortable experience for everyone! So here is a sneak peak of how I work! <3

When my client walks through the door the morning of her shoot, she’s greeted with too many hugs that it’s probably a bit sensory overload.

We directly go into hair and make up where my team will ask you exactly the look you are going for! During this time we have many laughs, we talk about everything, outfits, life, excitement, nervousness, etc! Once your done with the beauty team you will see yourself unveiled and let the team know if you want anything changed!

Then, you, my intern, and I will go “shopping” in my Boudoir Closet!

I tell you to pick out anything that catches your eye, and I put it in the changing room for you to try on!

Once we try everything on and pick out matching shoes, etc, that’s when we start to shoot!



I don’t want to give everything away, so I’ll leave the rest up to the imagination 😉

I have videos up on my Instagram 😉


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