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The inside scoop | What it’s like being Alyssa Michelle’s intern!

The inside scoop!


Hey everyone! My name is Alyssa Lauren!! I know what you’re all thinking, how in the world did Alyssa Michelle find such an amazing intern with the same name as her? I ask myself that same question every day!


I first met Alyssa Michelle at California Pizza Kitchen where I used to be a server. I felt compelled to go up to her and ask if it was really her, and sure enough it was! I was so excited to finally meet her in person and tell her how much I loved her work, since I had been stalking her on Instagram. After that she invited me to her first Boudoir Meet & Greet at her studio and we instantly connected. A few short weeks later, she asked if I would like the opportunity to be her personal intern, and I was overwhelmed with excitement. I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to learn all about the in’s and out’s of photography from such an amazing photographer!!!!!


Ever since then, we have been working together as a team. She has already taught me so much over these past few months and I feel like I’m learning more each and every time we meet. She is an amazing mentor who is so passionate about the work she does, and boy does her passion radiate and spread contagiously!

alyssa teaching


One of my favorite things about Alyssa is how much she cares about each and every one of her client’s on an individual and personal level. She is always so eager to learn about who they are and why they want to have their very own boudoir session with her. Alyssa doesn’t just send out generic emails, she actually takes the time to sit down, read each client’s unique story, and then respond. It’s so disheartening sometimes when you reach out to a photographer and receive a pre-constructed email that you know everyone hears; you don’t feel a personal connection being made. Alyssa Michelle is so opposite of that I can’t even begin to tell you. So many of her clients even reach out to her after their sessions just to chat or meet up for coffee because they loved the entire process and experience!!!


alyssa teaching


Alyssa is also one of the most happy and goofy people I know!! Talk about the best combination for a boudoir photographer! Take it from someone who has had boudoir photos taken before. It is so important to have a photographer who knows how to make you feel comfortable, especially when you are getting down into your skivvies!! There’s nothing worse then having a quite, awkward, and all-business-type photographer trying to get you into sexy and sensual poses; it’s a recipe for an all around uncomfortable experience! Alyssa actually gets into poses with you… and so do I! You have complete guidance and direction throughout your entire shoot! Not to mention she is constantly letting you know how you are doing and how beautiful you look! I can literally see a client’s confidence build from the moment they walk in to the time they leave. Who wouldn’t want that?! Many laughs and smiles are shared from beginning to end, and after about five minutes into the shoot, all the client’s fears and insecurities seem to just disappear. It’s like magic! It’s amazing to watch her in action. I can only hope and aspire to someday be half the photographer Alyssa Michelle is!


I can’t wait to continue my journey as a beginning photographer and grow immensely with one of the best photographers in Orange County! Alyssa Michelle is definitely a unique individual and I wouldn’t ask to be learning from anyone else!


Hope you all enjoyed my little story!


As Always,

Alyssa Lauren



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