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It’s all in the details | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

I’m not very good at writing, or blogging. In fact, I’m so awkward that I truly don’t know how to start this blog post.

But what I do know is that, I love boudoir.


Boudoir is a beautiful form of expression in a woman, and sometime she doesn’t even know she has the ability to express herself in such a vulnerable state. Women take a lot of time perfecting details, their hair, their nails, their make up, shaving, keeping up on plucking their eyebrows etc. We work hard to look our best. This is why I love photographing women, we are so meticulous in the little things, and that’s why it’s all in the details with my boudoir sessions. I know how hard you have prepared for this shoot, I know how long you spent in the shower shaving your legs, and making sure you didn’t miss a hair, trust me, I know, which is why I pay attention and highlight your hard work.

I complied a few of my favorite detail shots from past boudoir sessions, and maybe this can give you some ideas for your own boudoir session! Details matter!




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