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Why my clients book their boudoir session with me

I have been sitting at my desk, wanting to write this blog post up for quite sometime now. I have been trying to find a way to tell you that you are beautiful and don’t NEED a reason to book your boudoir photo shoot.

Then, a lightbulb went on… how about I let my past clients tell you why they booked their session with me?!

Genius, right? It only took my 4 months to think of!

1. “I booked my shoot for ME. No one else, I deserved to feel beautiful no matter what celebration, event, milestone or time of year it is. I booked my shoot on a random Wednesday of the year, to celebrate me, for no damn reason!”

2. “I booked my session because this would be an amazing gift to my significant other!”

3. “I booked a session right after a terrible breakup”

4. “I booked my session to be able to look back at my album and show my kids how hot I was when I was younger”

5. “I booked my session because I’m a little older and I wanted to be shown that I’m still beautiful no matter what age”

6. “I booked my session because I wanted to remember this time in my life”

7. “I booked my session thinking you had to be skinny to do a boudoir shoot, being bigger, I wanted to show other women that you don’t have to be a VS model in order to do boudoir, we are all beautiful, no matter what body type!”

8. “I booked my session because I was recently diagnosed with cancer, and I realized that you need to enjoy life and take risks”

9. “I booked my session to feel beautiful”

There are a million reasons to book your boudoir session, but you don’t NEED a reason. Why do you think you need a reason to feel beautiful?

Book your session with me, and I’ll show you how gorgeous you are, no matter what.





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