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Create your own boudoir package

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I believe that every single woman deserves to feel beautiful and powerful. Every one of you should see yourselves how I see you.  It’s why I am a boudoir photographer. It’s how I live my own life.

When you come to me, show your most intimate sides of yourself and I photograph you, it’s accepting yourself for who you are, and being able to see yourself in a while new light. I offer a safe and cozy place for you to embrace boudoir and express your uniqueness without any judgements. In fact, just the opposite. With many praises. It is an experience that I have seen be life changing over and over again.

It brings back your self confidence, freedom, and a retraining of your brain that you can do something daring and good things come of it. I hear from women over and over that they want to do this, they NEED this – but something is stopping them.

Well now, I am taking away at least one large excuse.


This spring I am offering 10 spots for boudoir shoots that I call “Create your own boudoir package shoots”

That’s right!! Email me what you are looking for in a shoot and what you want to pay. It’s that simple. No reasonable offer will be refused. If I can’t photograph you for what you offer, I will come back with a package that will hopefully work for both of us. (Please keep in mind, that I still need to pay the rent and make a living, so offers must be a minimum of $500)

There are a few guidelines to take into consideration:

1. I am starting by offering 10 slots from now until May 2nd, 2015.

2. I HIGHLY recommend you include hair and make up by my team in your session

3. Sessions are shot on Monday, Wednesdays & Sundays and bookings start at 10am

4. Yes, You can get a few girlfriends together and all come on the same day.

5. What is a reasonable offer? Well, in my mind it is one in which you are happy to pay it and I am happy to receive it. Please keep in mind I need to cover my expenses at the minimum and since I do pay my bills this way making a little money would be awesome too.

6. I offer products such as albums and prints as well as digital only packages. We accept MasterCard/Visa and Cash.

7. I promise you an awesome experience no matter what you pay.

My email is photographybyalyssamichelle@yahoo.com – want a shoot? Now’s the time!!


Luci - money is a huge factor me or else I would have booked my session already!

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