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What to wear for your engagement session

Over the years, this is the one question that I have been asked more so than not, and I figure it’s time to write a blog post on it!

I’m going to go over trends, and what to wear to stand out and make the best out of your session!


1. Show off the shoes!

Even though 2/3 of the session will not be featuring your fabulous kicks, the the 1/3 that do, we want to make sure they POP! Make sure to add a pop of color to the shoes! They can be heels, converse or your favorite pair of booties!


2. Big jewelry 

If one of your outfits consist of a simple dress or a plain color, to add depth and interest, be sure to throw on a great statement necklace or chunky bracelet!


3. Show off your best assests!

If you love your legs, don’t hide them! You rock that short dress or cute pair of shorts!


4. Dress for your surroundings

You wouldn’t wear heels to the beach, so make sure you dress to match the environment!


5. Be Practical 

If you want to do those oh-so-cute active shots, where he is picking you up and twirling, be aware of this and realize that maybe a short dress won’t be good for the pick you up shots!


6. Coordinate

PLEASE do NOT do matchy matchy! You do not want to look like twins! But coordinate so your color schemes are in tact. For instance, yellow heels, yellow tie, navy blue dress, navy blue vest. Subtle coordination is best and WILL show up in your photos!


7. Pick clothes that move well

A high low dress would work perfect, if you plan on doing shots of movement (walking, running) this will work so well with the concept!



Please don’t go out and buy a new pair of shoes that you have not had time to break in. Don’t dress out of your comfort zone, because when your uncomfortable, your photographs will make you look it.


9. Details are VERY important

Details help create and tell your story, believe it or not, your grandmothers necklace that she gave to you? It makes for a beautiful story-telling piece, be sure to pay attention to the details and not exclude them!


10. Don’t shy away from the spotlight

Go for that bold skirt girl! ROCK IT! I love color, and the camera does too! Especially if your man opts for neutral colors, pick something that will compliment but add a nice splash of interesting prints or bold colors!



Britney & Aaron | Orange County, California love story


I have been photographing Britney for a very long time, and she has always been such a genuine, and loving friend. She has a smile that can light up a whole city.

When she contacted me to photograph her and her boyfriend, I jumped on that train faster than I can even describe! I knew the session would be everything I’ve ever dreamed of photographing, beautiful light, genuine laughs, and most of all, a very in love couple. Not only was this session beautiful, but it was fun. Great vibes, casual atmosphere, and filled with lots of love and goofiness! I know that these photographs will be cherished forever, and that I was able to capture this amazing wonderful time in Britney and Aaron’s life.



Love story: Chelsea & Chris in Dana Point, CA

resized-38I was scrolling through Facebook a few weeks ago when i stumbled upon Chelsea’s page. I sat there confused for a few seconds wondering to myself who this person was and how we became friends on Facebook. We had a few friends in common, but I didn’t recognize her or her name. A week later Chelsea and I were planning her love story session with her boyfriend Chris! We planned the shoot for about a week, we decided on the Dana Point Harbor. We really wanted to emphasize the love and romance between the two of them. So we chose an intimate location which fit perfectly into the theme. Once Chelsea and Chris showed up for the shoot, I instantly FELT the love they share for each other. Hand in hand, sneaking kisses, I melted! Talk about the sweetest couple ever! We began the shoot and immediately I could tell this shoot is going to be publish material. What is better than beautiful colors, gorgeous location and a star-stuck in love couple? Nothing. I am SO elated to have met both of these incredible humans. With Chelsea’s contagious smile, to Chris’s unique mystery, they balance each other out, and I can’t wait until I can photograph their engagement session and eventually, WEDDING! From Chelsea:

 It all began at the innocent age of 11. Chris and I met on a warm summer night at
a local youth group bonfire located on the beautiful beaches of San Clemente. I had
attended the church long enough to recognize an unfamiliar face, so when Chris arrived, I
knew that His was a face I wanted to get to know. I was easily captivated by his welcoming
smile, piercing blue eyes, and his gorgeous blonde locks. As the night progressed, we
exchanged a few smiles and even some laughs while engaging in innocent, yet playful
conversation. We sang worship songs, splashed in the ocean with our friends, and sat
around the fire making s'mores all night. Before I knew it, hours had passed and it was
time for everyone to go home. I couldn't have been more excited for Sunday to come so I
could see him at the 9 a.m. service.
        At church on Sundays and at youth group on Wednesdays I found that somehow Chris
and I always ended up sitting close to one another. It wasn't until our youth group took a
trip to Universal Studios when everything fell into place. I was looking forward to this
trip because I knew it was another day I got to spend getting to know Chris. We spent the
entire day in each other's presence. I remember chills being sent down my spine the moment
when we held hands for the very first time, and the way my heart raced the entire car ride
home as I rested my head on his shoulder. After the trip, Chris and I spent the next few
weeks talking every moment that we could— even sneaking in late night phone calls where we
would make up our own language and wonder if we were looking up at the same night's sky
from our bedroom windows from two separate cities. It was puppy love!
        Unfortunately we began to lose connection as the new school year approached us and
eventually stopped talking all together. There were moments where I would think about
Chris and wonder what he was doing.
        On a summer afternoon, eight years later on the same beach where Chris and I met
when we were just kids, a handsome boy caught my eye as I was walking on the wet sand with
a few of my closest friends. Our eyes met and we exchanged smiles. This boy looked so
familiar. As we passed by each other, I couldn't help but turn to take a second look at
him— only to find that he was looking back at me too. Just moments later, this handsome
boy turned around and began to walk in my direction. We uttered a few words, and before I
knew it, I was being asked to coffee.
         That evening was one I would never forget with the boy that I never forgot, even
after all those years. We spent hours in the coffee shop catching up, reminiscing, and
learning about each other. With every word that he spoke, the only thought that kept
running through my head was wow, he is absolutely perfect— and completely out of my
league. He walked me to my porch as the night came to an end. I closed the door behind me
and released a deep sigh, feeling a mix of emotions knowing that it was the first, and
probably the last time I would be seeing Chris since were both heading back to college,
separated by a six hour drive in two completely different states.
        I was dazzled with Chris's charm and couldn't help but wonder what he thought of
me. He was more alluring than I remembered. I spent the next few days packing for school,
but every so often, Chris would cross my mind.
        I was able to see Chris one last time as he accompanied me on my drive back to
school in San Diego, where he would be meeting with one of his roommates to make their way
to school in Arizona. The whole car ride I wanted nothing more then to reach over and grab
Chris's hand, but I didn't want to come on too strong. After an hour drive together, I
dropped Chris off at his friend's house, regretting not making a move. We went our
separate ways.
        Chris and I continued to keep in touch while we were away at school. Our casual
once-in-a-while texting conversations turned into an every day thing, gradually turning
into phone and video calls. We let our guard down and I found out that Chris was
interested in me too! As things got more serious between us, we began to plan trips where
we could see each other. His second trip to San Diego was magical. Chris shared with me
how he felt and even told me that he LOVED me! We continued to date long distance and made
time to visit one another. I got excited for holidays because I knew it meant that Chris
would drive to San Diego and we would drive back home together to visit with our families.
Chris asked me to be his girlfriend just before Christmas. I had been waiting for this
moment for what felt like a lifetime! FINALLY! We have never been more in love and have
been inseparable ever since.
        Chris and I are two peas in the pod. We share all the same interests, many of the
same experiences, and even finish each other's sentences. He is my best friend, my other
half, my rock, my comfort, and my world! I have never been so certain about something in
my life—  with Chris, it was love at first site and it was destined to be a love that will
last forever.
         Our future together is something that we discuss often. Our goals are to stay
together through college and continue to build our relationship with God to ensure that He
is the center of our lives and our relationship. We also plan to get engaged, move in
together, and eventually get married and travel the world as husband and wife. Right now
we continue to work on ways to perfect ourselves so that we can have a perfect
relationship with each other by focusing on Ephesians 4:2, " Always be humble and gentle.
Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other's faults because of your
love." It is only a matter of time before Chris pops the question!

Their love video :) 

Victoria - This is a jaw-droppingly gorgeous session. ‘Nough said.

Prints + Products

I am beyond elated to introduce my clients to their personalized boxes that will contain their prints! I am so happy with the results from Jamie’s boudoir session, and she and her husband lit up when I presented them with their box and prints!:D