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Client Interview | Orange County Boudoir Photographer | Taylor

1.  How old are you?
2. What do you do for a living?
I’m a server, barista and coach trying to pay for college.
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3. What made you decide to take a leap of faith and do a boudoir session?
The encouragement of Alyssa and my best friend who knew I always struggled with my own self esteem. 
4. Did you have any obstacles or fears about boudoir?
I compared myself to other women who had done shoots with Alyssa and feared my pictures wouldn’t come out as beautiful as the others.
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5. Why did you choose Photography by Alyssa Michelle?
We were friends on Facebook and I always saw her work posted on social media and fell in love with her style and how gorgeous these women looked in her photographs.
6. How was the session different from what you expected it to be (if at all)?
I was a lot more relaxed once we started than I anticipated. Alyssa definitely made me feel comfortable. It was a lot of fun and more enjoyable than I expected a shoot like that to be.
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7. What was your favorite part about the entire experience?
Having the pampering experience as well as the viewing. I thought I was going to cry once I saw all of my photographs. The anticipation was overwhelming and finally getting to see everything was an amazing experience.
8. How did you feel when you saw your photographs/ how did others respond to them?
I wanted to cry with joy. I was in awe and a little overwhelmed with the realization that those were my photographs. 
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9. Any advice for women interested in their own boudoir session?
I recommend this to every woman. I would definitely tell each and every woman to first do it for yourself and have something to remind you of how beautiful you truly are. 
10. Did anything change about the way you see your own beauty as a result of the session?
Everything changed. I had no confidence in myself and making the decision to move past my insecurities and do this session with Alyssa, changed my whole entire perspective on myself. 
11. How did you like working with Alyssa Michelle and her team?
They are all amazing! I am already waiting for my next excuse to have another session and get the pleasure of working with all three of those wonderful women again. I couldn’t be happier!! 
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Boudoir | Aliso Viejo, California | Interview with Makayla


Me & Killian’s Photography escapade {REinspired}

Okay, I’ll admit it. I go to starbucks a lot. Who doesn’t? Thank god there is a drive thru starbucks a whole one minute drive from my house! 
So there is this guy, Killian, who sees me quite often in the drive thru of Starbucks. I was in line last week like I am 3-4 times a week, I had just got off work and I decided to ask him to officially be facebook friends. (what? I’m cool.)
So I went home and found him instantly, since Killian is such a common name. He texted me when he got off work, and we talked for a while, and found out through my facebook that I am a photographer, and I found out that he is an amazing artist (sketching and painting).
He then went on to tell me he’s been looking for other ways to express himself creatively, and photography is something he has always been interested in!
So I told him that I would love to go on a little photography escapade with him, and I’ll teach him the camera settings and lighting.
So the next day, we went on our adventure in downtown San Juan Capistrano! 
Our adventure started at Hidden House coffee (of course) and we walked around Los Rios street and found inspiration at every corner.
It was so nice to take some time and photograph things I don’t ever photograph (nature, & urban settings), it really inspired me, all of the colors and uniqueness! Here are the photos I took during our little outing, and I want to say thank you so much Killian for giving me the opportunity and a reason to go out and get RE-INSPIRED!





























Belinda - Love doing stuff like this! It’s so refreshing!

Great photos Alyssa!

Lisa Keisler - This post was just what I needed! Thanks for the re-inspiration!