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Orange County Photography | Pick the price you want for your boudoir shoot


Every woman should celebrate being who she is, for her beauty and uniqueness. I offer a studio space that is safe, and incredible for us to capture you, and your personality! Many clients have come back with comments such as they were so happy they went through with their shoot, even through the nerves they came to celebrate and rejoice in their femininity. Let’s show off just how fabulous each and every one of your truly are.

A boudoir shoot offers up self-confidence, empowerment, and a reassurance that you are daring, and can live your life to the fullest. I know that sometimes it is just simply out of the budget at the time, but now you can afford it, because you choose your own price!

I am offering up 10 spots to 10 ladies that can “name your own price” for their boudoir shoot.

Yes, you read correctly. Go ahead an send me an email of what you are looking for in your package (hair, make up, digitals, prints, ect.) and what you are hoping to purchase it for! If I cannot photograph you for what you offer, I will come back with a collection that will hopefully fit and work for both of us.

Sessions have to take place between now and August 20th

There are some guidelines to think about:

1. I highly recommend that you receive hair and make up from my staff at the studio to best compliment your session. It’s a small added expense that will add a world of difference.

2. Sessions will be held Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday sessions starting at 8:30am

3. You MAY get a few girlfriends and come on the same day and do back to back sessions

4. What is a reasonable offer? Keep in mind that I will need to cover my expenses at the minimum.

5. I offer packages that include prints, canvases, albums, and digitals only as well. I accept Visa, Mastercard and cash/ personal check

6. I promise an amazing experience no matter what you pay!

7. My studio is in Laguna Beach but you are welcome to choose a different location as well for your shoot!

My email is: | Want a shoot? Now is the time!


My new adventure {studio}!

I have always wanted a space to call my own, to be able to meet with clients, photograph my boudoir sessions in, and have the space represent me as an artist.

Now I can! I am not a proud member of SOURCED. COLLECTIVE. My studio is in Laguna Beach (basically on the sand!)

I am so ecstatic and elated about this new adventure I will be embarking on, and I can’t wait to start building relationships with these talented individuals that I will be working along side! So happy to be a part of the SOURCED family, and I can’t wait for what the future holds!




{Excuse the cell phone photos!}


Why hiring a professional photographer is the best choice

Okay, I know we ALL have budgets we need to stick to, trust me! But you also can’t put a price on your memories of your life that will be passed down for generations. As a photographer, I have grown more and more throughout the years and learned along the way, that one of the most important things in life is to preserve your memories, and to relive them as much as you can. Like I said, I understand budgets, but the one thing on your wedding day that you leave with and hold in your heart forever are the photographs, isn’t that worth investing for? My top 10 reasons that hiring a professional photographer for your big day will be the best decision you ever made:

Ruppelwedding-16610. Top notch computer equipment & backup knowledge: We know how important this day is to you, one of our many jobs on your wedding day is to make sure your are at ease, and not worried about anything on our end. We bring multiple CF & SD cards to your wedding so that we can capture your images TWICE on two different cards, just in case (knock on wood) one of the cards fail, no worries, we’ve already duplicated the images as we take them! Same with our computers as well, we have intense set ups… trust me. When we stick your cards into our computers, we save them on multiple external hard drives, just in case of a hard drive failure. We even bring at least two camera bodies to your wedding in case something were to happen to one of them. In other words, we are prepared for ANY situation that MAY happen!


9.  Lighting: We are here to work with any lighting situation that hits us. Weather forecast said sunny day, but ends up raining? No problem! We are trained and have the experience to counter act anything mother nature will shove at us! You need a professional that is going to know how to work with difficult lighting situations and still create beautiful stunning images.


8. Consistency: You want to make sure that your photographs are going to turn out the way you are expecting, you don’t want any surprises! We have our portfolios that hold up to our style, and our execution should be just as beautiful as the rest of our portfolio!


7. Personal level: I’m going to be honest with you, photographers are like superman on your wedding day. Not only are we the professional photographer, but we can sometimes act as a wedding planner, coordinator, person addresser, supporter, advice giver, and sometimes personal assistant! I love being able to give my clients whatever they need on their wedding day, and we take the time to get to know YOU & your groom. We become a friend, and get all the details of your big day months before hand so we won’t miss any single beat!


6. Experience: Most of us started out our wedding photographer career second shooting for a professional. We get our experience from 20+ second shooting weddings, then breaking into photographing our own weddings. We know the day is chaotic. It’s a very high pressure job, and we love it. We know how to handle crazy family members, lighting, and keeping on time with your schedule!


5. Retouching: We do all the culling (choosing your BEST images from your day), retouching, and beautifying of your images with knowledge and dedication. We have professional experience, and programs to ensure that you photographs are handled and delivered with the utmost care.


4. Attention to detail: We are here to document your entire wedding day… that doesn’t mean just you + your new husband. That means we get your family, flowers, decorations you spent so many hours to make, kiddos that are dressed up so cute, food, and special memories that you may miss.


3. Creating tangible memories: We use the BEST labs to print your images though albums, canvas, or prints. The point is the live through those memories so you want to make sure that your photographer knows exactly how to end product will turn out, so you can display your favorite images throughout your home.


2. Take is seriously: We care about you. We care about your wedding. We want to document these memories that will last lifetimes for you. We take our jobs very seriously, and we do our very best to produce stunning images for you that you will cherish for generations to come. I had a couple contact me a year after their wedding (I did their engagement session, and had already “hired” a friend of theirs to be the designated picture taker) they told me that her dad just passed away from cancer, (he was diagnosed a few weeks before their wedding) and that their friend JUST delivered their wedding photographs because the pressure proved to be too much for him to handle. The bride was in tears when we were on the phone, and told me that he got no images of her and her dad together, no father/ daughter dance photos, no candids of them hugging or him giving her away. She told me that the biggest mistake in her life was not hiring a professional photographer to capture these unbelievably special moments for her. Please know how much we want to capture every single moment for you on your big day.


1. You won’t miss a thing: The final reason is that once you receive your photographs of your day and will be going through memories that you didn’t even know happened on your wedding day. We are there to capture every moment that we can, including things you weren’t around for. Clinking of glasses, laughter of friends, dances, funny moments, and surprises. We are there to ensure you can remember every bit of your wedding, even the parts that you were unaware of!


It’s more important of a decision than you may think, I’m here to document the most important day of your life and to not only hand over photographs, but to tell your story. Let a professional tell your story.




Hilary Cam - There is so much truth in this! Amazing how so many people compare photographers based on pricing alone without considering important issues such as backing up, consistency, retouching and experience.

Looking for an intern!

It’s true, I am looking for an eager to learn, eager to work intern!

Position is unpaid for 6 months

1. You must live in Orange County, OR be willing to drive to OC for shoots.
2. Willing to learn the art of editing
3. Must own or be able to get Photoshop & Lightroom

As my intern you will be learning how I run my business in all aspects as well as your duties:
1. I will teach you how I edit, and once I feel comfortable, you will be editing sessions on your own.
2. I will keep a calendar which you will have access to, and come to whichever shoots you want (not required)
3. You will learn camera settings
4. Workflow
5. Marketing
6. Packaging
7. You will be in charge of ordering once I feel comfortable
8. You will be in charge of blogging once I feel comfortable
9. Social media
10. and much more.

You are allowed to have your own business aside from interning for me, and you must be willing to sign a 6 month commitment contract.

After your 6 months, I may offer you a paid position, or you can choose to continue growing your own photography business.

If you are interested please fill out this small questionnaire I have created! Thank you!



karissa dedich - I would like more info! I’m interested

Alyssa - Go ahead and email me with any questions!

Crystal Velazquez - Sent an email with question :) thanks!

anh bui - Im working in weekend night is this ok if im join your group .

anh bui - I have Nikon D60 18_55mm can i start w it. Im live in OC. I like ur style and want to know and learn more about camera setting, of course about photography :)
Now im free time all day weekday . (Fri, Sat, Sun im busy from 5:30 pm)
I really want to start my dream from your place .

Natalie Somma {Boudoir}

I just love it when clients contact me to do their boudoir session for a confidence boost!

Natalie came to me explaining that she wants her session to be sexy but covered up. We spoke on the phone about outfits and colors, when we landed a perfect theme… Brandy Melville style!

She used to work there, so it’s only fitting, especially since her entire closet is top to bottom of Brandy!

We decided since her shoot will be more on the conservative side, that we should shoot outdoors! We had two amazing locations in San Juan Capistrano that we chose to photograph in, and the session couldn’t have been more perfect!